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The mission of home health care is to make it possible for seniors and disabled New Jersey residents to continue living at home safely and comfortably, and the ability to enjoy delicious, nourishing meals is an important part of that mission. Sometimes, clients are unable to plan, shop for and prepare their own meals; other times, they may lack the strength or desire to eat. At Mom and Pap’s Home Care, our caregivers provide meal planning and preparation and other services to ensure that you or your loved one has a healthy, balanced diet.

Meal Planning

Meal planning assistance is important for seniors and disabled people who may be unable to provide themselves with healthy, home-cooked meals on a regular basis. With the help of the client’s doctor or nutritionist, our caregivers put together meal plans that consist of all the nutrients necessary for a strong and healthy life. We can tailor our meal plans to accommodate special dietary needs, such as low sugar or low sodium.

Shopping Assistance

Many seniors lack the energy or strength to do their own grocery shopping, making it particularly difficult to enjoy a healthy diet of fresh, wholesome foods. Our caregivers can do the grocery shopping for them, with or without accompaniment.

Meal Preparation

Meal preparation poses a challenge for many seniors, especially those suffering from mobility difficulties or memory impairment. Our caregivers can provide full meal preparation services or simply provide support and supervision.


For seniors who live alone, meal times can be particularly lonely. In addition to providing menu planning and meal preparation services, our caregivers offer companionship during meals, encouraging seniors to keep consistent meal times.

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If you or a loved one is homebound or needs assistance planning and preparing meals, Mom and Pap’s Home Care is here to provide warm, friendly service and support. Call us today at 201-567-3181 or 732-895-8696 to discuss our meal planning and preparation service, or use our online form to learn about the other services we provide.