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As we age, it invariably happens that normal daily tasks get harder to do. From little things like bathing and dressing to outside chores like shopping, the older people we love could often use a little help. Mom and Pap’s Home Care has a staff of empathetic, loving personal caregivers who bond with your older and disabled adult relatives and help them live the full life they deserve with dignity and support.

Help with The Daily Routine

The difficulties older adults experience usually start small. It can get harder and harder to brush teeth, comb hair and button up a blouse. Over time, these little encumbrances can make daily routines difficult for any senior. Help from a caregiver makes all the difference in these little ways, from cutting the time it takes to get up and dressed in the morning to cooking a meal in the evening, and even just straightening up a bit during the day. The assistance our caregivers provide helps your older loved one live a fuller and more rewarding life at home.

Assistance with Errands and Chores

Too many seniors find themselves spending less and less time outside of their homes as they age. It can be hard for disabled adults to get around, and normal activities like lifting grocery bags and ordering coffee pose more challenges as the years go by. Mom and Pap’s expert caregivers help at all levels of daily activity and can make errands outside of the home easy enough for seniors to handle for themselves. Whether it’s just a bit of assistance lifting heavy things or guidance and supervision in the world outside the home, our caregivers are trained and experienced in helping your older loved one navigate the world and get the most out of life in the later years.

Talk with A Caregiver Today

There’s a unique bond that forms between a caregiver and the adult they’re looking out for. If you have an adult loved one who could use help getting by, start that relationship off by calling (201) 567-3181 to talk to one of our care coordinators. You can also reach out to schedule an appointment through our online contact form. One of our reps will be in touch to learn all about the special person you’re taking care of, and to help you decide what level of care is best with a free in-home assessment.