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Home Care Assistance With Wheelchairs And Walking

Seniors on a Walk - Englewood, NJ - Mom and Pap's Home Care

When your aging loved one develops mobility difficulties, Mom and Pap’s Home Care can help. We offer excellent and affordable senior care and companion service on a part-time, full-time or 24/7 basis in assisted living facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities or the comfort of your own home. Of the many services we provide, assistance walking with or without a walking aid and assistance with wheelchairs are two of the most critical.

Assistance With Walking

Even getting around your own home can be difficult with limited mobility. For aging seniors, it can even be more dangerous by increasing their risk of falls. Our professional caregivers provide mobility assistance to reduce the likelihood of walking-related accidents. Many of our clients feel less anxious and become more active when they know someone is nearby to assist with walking and lend a hand should they stumble. Besides helping our clients maneuver around at home, we’re also happy to take walks with them so they get some fresh air and exercise.

Assistance With Walking Aids

When our clients need to start using a walking aid, we can help with this transition. Walking aids like canes and walkers make maneuvering easier but take time to get used to. Clients may at first move slower or even stumble or fall while learning to use their new walking aid. We offer the support they need to get around safely and do everything to ensure they don’t take a tumble.

Assistance With Wheelchairs

Should our clients become wheelchair-bound, they require a different form of mobility assistance. Wheelchairs provide us with a safe way to move our clients from one location to another when they’re unable to propel themselves. However, the most crucial help we provide to our clients in wheelchairs is safely transferring them to and from their chair. Our home care providers safely transfer clients from their wheelchairs to a chair, bed, toilet or car and back again.

Private Home Care Provided With Dignity

Mom and Pap’s Home Care is fully bonded, insured and licensed to provide service in New Jersey from our Englewood location. We understand the unique needs of each of our clients and help them adapt to their limited mobility as part of our quality senior care assistance. Our home care professionals offer loving and compassionate home care assistance at a price you can afford. Contact us at 201-567-3181 or 732-895-8696 for your customized care plan today.