Mom and Pap's Home Care

Senior Citizens Care Service and Accompanied Services in Englewood, NJ

senior resident during home visitAt some point, our senior loved ones will likely need assistance with day-to-day tasks in Englewood and the surrounding NJ regions. At Mom and Pap’s Home Care, we don’t want to separate families and disrupt independent lives. To do this, we provide home care services so your family member can remain at home instead of moving to an assisted living facility.

What Are Our Accompanied Services?

Being able to handle what the day throws at them is extremely important to senior citizens. At Mom and Pap’s Home Care, we offer assistance to the elderly through our accompanied services to allow them to approach each day with confidence.

The accompanied services we carry out involve taking our clients to appointments and events or on their errands in the Englewood area. We provide the transportation and muscle if they need help carrying items, along with any other assistance they request. Our clients are otherwise free to attend their appointments and go about their business as usual, which provides a sense of independence and capability.

The Benefits of Accompanied Services in Englewood, NJ

By receiving in-home care and accompanied services in Englewood, NJ, our clients retain what is familiar to them. Cognitively, being in familiar surroundings with friends and family, as opposed to a new care home, puts much less stress on the client. We all would prefer to age in our own environment.

Care services also provide a huge self-esteem boost to clients. Being able to do regular tasks with minimal assistance from accompanied services generates confidence in their abilities. This generally leaves our clients in a better mood, which contributes to an overall happy atmosphere in the family home.

Finally, a senior citizens care service takes the pressure off of family members. We all want to do as much as possible for our older relatives, but most of us have full-time jobs or young children to look after. Accompanied services take some of these tasks off your hands while leaving your loved one under the eye of a professional care worker.

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